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PVC Geri-Chair Geriatric Recliner

Arguably the most comfortable recliing chair available for those patients who must sit for long periods, or who are permanently immobile. The back and seat tilt back to five different positions, and the leg-rest also adjusts to five positions.

The Geri-Chair frame is made from top-quality, furniture-grade PVC pipe for durability, good looks, long life and easy cleaning and maintenance, it will never rust, peel or chip.

The fabric used on the Geri-Chair is specially made for this purpose, and is anti-bacterial, and urine, sulfide, oil, mildew and disinfectant resistant.


  • 5-position adjustable back
  • 5-position adjustable leg rest with extension
  • Safety push bar (limits reclining action of back for safety)
  • Retractable self-storing footrest
  • 5″ extra wide casters
  • 49″ long x 24″ wide x 59″ high
  • 21″ wide between arms
  • Seat height 26″
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Shipping weight 60 lbs
Anti-Bacterial Fabric Options
Dutch Blue
Dutch Blue


Geriatric wheelchair

Item code: GCR120W5

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pipe color


Choose from white or almond PVC pipe colors.


drop arms


Arms fold down to allow easier access.



NEW: Clip-on Tray


push handles


Push handles allow for easier maneuvering of the chair.



caster choices


Upgrade from the standard 3″ (2 locking) casters.