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Rolleez All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair

This ruggedly built all-terrain PVC wheelchair is ideally suited for the beach, with its four giant tires to provide extra stability and easy rolling even on rough surfaces and soft sand.

And because it is made with a high-quality UV protected PVC frame, you can even take it right into the salt water. It won’t chip, peel, rust, fade or discolor.

Two Models to Choose From

The standard Rolleez all-terrain beach wheelchair has two large wheels on the front and two smaller wheels on the rear. The rear axle rotates for steering. The Rolleez-4 model has four large wheels that are better in the sand, but the axles don’t turn. It is relatively easy to steer by sliding the large wheels sideways across the sand.


  • FOUR fat wheels to prevent tipping that can occur with 3-wheel designs
  • Easily disassembles into just three pieces for easy transport
  • Single-motion parking brakes
  • Easy steer rear wheel steering – no awkward T-Bar handle
  • Sliding footrest with a foot plate
  • High flotation wheels with non-corrosive nylon bearings means you can take the Rolleez into the ocean without fear of damage
  • Furniture-grade UV protected PVC frame will not rust, chip, discolor or peel even when used in salty sea water
  • Safety belt included
  • Comfortable cushion seat covered with Royal Blue tough outdoor fabric
  • 6 foot, 8 panel umbrella included
  • Storage bag included
  • 41″ high x 34½” wide x 41″ deep
  • Seat height 25″
  • Seat width 21″ between arms
  • 250 lb capacity

beach wheelchair

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beach wheelchair

Item Code: ROLLEEZ

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Other important information:

  • The tires are GREY now, not yellow
  • Four large wheels make it easier to push, less maintenance & easier to change wheels if necessary
  • Two smaller wheel version allows better steering, as the rear axle rotates
  • The Rolleez disassembles into 3 pieces [base, seat, wheels] with the use of quick-action pins that you pull out
  • The Rolleez-4 disassembles into 2 pieces [complete base, seat]
  • Available with Royal Blue fabric only