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  • PVC Walkers Help Disabled Patients to Move Again. Lightweight, durable construction of PVC pipe provides stability with little effort to help with mobility exercises and to just get around.
  • Economic PVC Walker to Help Disabled Patients' Rehabilitation at Low Cost. Solid construction with lightweight, furniture-grade PVC pipe - lasts forever!
  • Combination Walker-Wheelchair Allows Patient to Self-Propel or use as an Ambulator! Made from strong, durable, furniture-grade PVC pipe for long lasting, non-rusting quality.
  • New Millenium Walkers. A strong, durable, non-rusting, lightweight range of walkers for disabled and ambulatory patients.
  • PVC Pediatric Walker. Affordable, lightweight and easy to maneuver, adjustable to grow with your child's ambulatory needs. Made from strong, durable, furniture-grade PVC pipe to last a lifetime.