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New Millenium Pediatric Walker

The New Millenium Pediatric Walker is designed to assist children with mobility. Made of a lightweight PVC frame for easier maneuverability, and adjustable so that it can grow with your child.

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  • Removable upholstered vinyl cushion
  • Easy operate safety bar
  • Solid 1/4" PV seat base will not rot (like wooden versions)
  • Personal effects bag included
  • Saftey strap included
  • Reinforced deluxe twin-wheel casters
  • Removable upholstered vinyl cushion
  • Reinforced deluxe twin-wheel casters
  • 33¼" high x 26½" wide x 34" deep
  • Adjustable seat/arm height - 4 heights
    • Seat heights: 11½", 13½", 15½", 17½"
    • Arm heights: 22¼", 24¼", 26¼", 28¼"
  • Internal wiidth 14"
  • Some assembly required

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Pipe colors Almond Color Pipe 10% extra

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