PVC Durable Medical Equipment

Our large range of PVC products designed exclusively for the immobile, bariatric, injured and disabled are found in Homecare, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Long Term Care facilities.

Our ambulatory products cover the full range of needs, including walkers, shower commode chairs, reclining shower chairs, wheelchairs (including the Rolleez Beach Wheelchair, also known as an “all-terrain” wheelchair), transport chairs, transfer bences, reclining chairs, geriatric chairs, gurneys, low beds, linen carts and hampers.

Our pediatric product range is extensive, and includes walkers, shower commode chairs and bath chairs. Pediatric products are included for infants all the way through adolescents.


GeriChair reclining wheelchairWheelchairs

If you need an economical and lightweight ambulatory transport wheelchair that you can take into the shower, or to the beach, you just found it. These PVC Shower Wheelchairs are perfect for assisting accident victims and disabled persons into a shower, pool, or even on the sand at a beach. They are lightweight and not affected by water or chemicals.



Reclineez shower-Commode ChairShower-Commode Chairs

Showering, bathing and lavatory activities for the disabled, bariatric and those with special needs can be a difficult task that can be made easier with the use of shower chairs and commode chairs.

Some models incorporate a commode, while others are simply a shower seat. Additionally, most of this durable medical equipment is customizable, to add those special extras to make life more comfortable.


commode chairCommode Chairs & Safety Frames

Choose from several models to suit your needs. Some models are on casters for easy movement, while other models have rubber-tipped feet for stability. All are made from high-gloss, furniture-grade, impact-resistant, non-rusting PVC pipe for durability and long-life.



shower taxiShower & Bath Chairs

We have four different models of PVC shower and bath chairs, including a pediatric model, a basic shower stool, a bath transfer bench and a shower taxi to transport patients to and from a shower. Of course, all materials are resistant to water, soaps and disinfectant products.



small walkerWalkers

When you or a loved one need to get mobile for short distances, these lightweight but very strong PVC walkers are the answer.

There are several models to choose from, and multiple optional extras to enhance your mobile experience. Bariatric models are also available.



pediatric shower chairPediatric Products

It’s hard enough to care for a disabled child – make life easier for yourself and your child with a range of lightweight, yet very durable PVC transport products, including walkers, shower-commode chairs, and a shower and bath chair.



gurneyGurneys & Low Beds

These gurneys are specially designed for large patients, and offer a wide range of features for ease of use. All critical sections are reinforced with an inner aluminum tubing for extra strength.

Two styles are available, each with a 450lb and a 600lb capacity model.



laundry hamperCarts & Hampers

We offer a wide Range of Carts & Hampers Designed Specially for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Medical Facilities. This range of laundry and specialty carts and hampers has something for all purposes. They will never rust, chip or peel, and will retain their color without fading or deterioration, even when harsh chemical cleaners are used. And they’re easy to clean and disinfect.



Customer Service

To us, everything is secondary to superior customer service. We are here to help you find the product(s) you need for your particular situation.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know so we can help you. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern, or you can email us at any time.

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